When Ilario and Leopoldo Ruffino founded the winery in 1877, they knew that the secret to producing the best Tuscan wines meant having access to the best vineyards. With this philosophy in mind, Ruffino has, over the years, assembled a collection of top estates in Tuscany’s most important fine wine appellations. We view each of our vineyards as a jewel—precious and of the earth. As befits these gems, we honor the traditions and history in place and also embrace modern winemaking techniques to coax the best out of each vintage.

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Poggio Casciano

Our Poggio Casciano estate is located in the Tuscan hills outside the village of Grassina, just a few miles from Florence. ‘Poggio’ is the Tuscan word for a terraced hilltop, which perfectly describes the terrain. The name ‘Casciano’ is said to derive from Cassius, a commander in the ancient Roman army who was granted large land holdings in the region. At this estate, antiquity and modernity bled beautifully. A 14th century villa with classic Tuscan terra cotta and ochre exterior overlooks scenic vineyards and serves as Ruffino‘s main visitor center. The lovely gardens and courtyord complete the visitor experience. Innovation also finds a place here. An underground barrique tunnel connects the villa with the newer winery buildings where we conduct extensive soil and climate research. This research has led to experimental plantings and blends, almost with an eye to ever-improving quality.

Wines From Poggio

Vineyard Features

Vines planted

951 to 1,150 feet above sea level; varied terrain and a myriad of microclimates yield an unusually wide variety of grapes.

Grape Varieties

Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot

Total Acres


155 acres are vineyards


Ruffino’s first Tuscan estate, Montemasso offers enchanting views of Florence and, like so much of Tuscany, has a history that reaches back through the centuries. The scenic estate’s main building is an imposing stone castle, originally an oratory built by monks from San Miniato and dedicated to San Salvatore da Montemasso. The tower that remains from the ancient monastery dates to the 11th century. Today, that tower and the estate’s villa have been lovingly restored with careful attention being paid to period details. Montemasso also houses an historical stone cellar where old vintages of Ruffino’s finest wines are aged.


Vineyard Features

Steep slopes

the entire estate was recently replanted.

Grape Varieties

Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon

Total Acres


75 acres are vineyards


Santedame is situated in Chianti’s Golden Basin, or Conca d’Oro in Italian. This small region is renowned for low yields of grapes that create concentrated wines with exceptional minerality and finesse. This estate was named for the Capella di Santedame - a chapel that dates to the 15th century and is the only remaining vestige of a Benedictine monastery that once stood on the site. The chapel houses a gorgeous fresco of the Madonna - the sante dam or ‘holy woman.’ Some scholars have attributed the fresco to the school of the Florentine master Ghirlandaio. Santedame is surrounded by one of Europe’s few protected cypress forests. Visitors approach the Estate down a long, cypress-lined drive that leads to a quintessential Tuscan stone farmhouse.


Vineyard Features

Rugged, Hearty

and wind-whipped galestro soil; steep hills, higher altitude plantings with wide day-to-night temperature swings.

Grape Varieties

Colorino, Merlot, Sangiovese

Total Acres


175 acres are vineyards


Our Gretole estate features a charming stone villa and has 272 acres of vineyards almost entirely dedicated to producing Ruffino’s most emblematic wine: Riserva Ducale Oro Chianti Classico Gran Selezione. The word ‘gretole’ refers to the brittle galestro rock—the classic grayish rock of Chianti Classico that lends a distinctive taste profile to Sangiovese and other grape varieties.


Vineyard Features

Rolling hills

rocky and arid soil rich in marl and galestro; stable climate patterns with long, rather dry summers for ideal maturation of fruit year after year.

Grape Varieties

Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot

Total Acres


272 acres are vineyards

Greppone Mazzi

Our Greppone Mazzi estate lies east of the medieval and picturesque town of Montalcino. Greppi is Italian for ‘rugged slopes’ - the ideal name for the rugged slopes of the region. In the courtyard of this estate’s 18th century villa sits an ancient cistern that is adorned with a distinct ironwork star. This icon symbolizes the heavenly ambitions of winemakers, and is depicted on the label of the Estate’s sole wine, Greppone Mazzi Brunello di Montalcino. Hot summer days and nights cooled by sea breezes develop the complexity, balance and concentration typical of the famed Brunello wines. We have a 50-year-old Brunello vine on the estate which provides mother stock for new plantings.


Vineyard Features

Rugged slopes

with a combination of high- and low-altitude vineyards.

Grape Varieties

Sangiovese Grosso

Total Acres


62 acres are vineyards

La Solatia

The word ‘Solatia’ is Italian for ‘bathed by the sun.’ A perfect name for this estate just outside the famous medieval, walled village of Monteriggioni near Siena. The climate of this hilly region is warm and very sunny. Ruffino was one of the first producers to recognize the potential for world-class Chardonnay from Tuscany. In particular, the northern Siena terroir of La Solatia possesses all the characteristics for producing uniquely expressive Tuscan white wines. The sub-varieties of French grapes on the estate have been planted to precisely match the soil and climate. The result is grapes with lovely and intense aromas. The quality of fruit from the estate’s vineyards is matched by the quality of the cellar, which is equipped with technology dedicated to the specific challenges of white wine production. A state-of-the-art fermentation cellar controls temperatures in all stages of the winemaking process to preserve the vineyard-fresh characteristics of the grapes.


Vineyard Features

Hilly land

with a warm and sunny climate.

Grape Varieties

Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Sangiovese

Total Acres


212 acres are vineyards


The secret to producing the best Tuscan wines means access to the best vineyards. With this philosophy in mind, Ruffino has a collection of estates in Tuscany‘s most important wine appellations.


Ruffino wines reveal themselves without coaking or manipulation. This is the essence of our traditional approach to making wine.


Meet our winemaker, Gabriele Tacconi, and our global ambassador, Beppe D‘Andrea.

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