Gabriele Tacconi


“I feel great passion and love for the Tuscan landscape, its history, and the high quality of wines that are made here.”

More than 140 years ago, our founders Leopoldo and llario Ruffino were among the first in Tuscany to recognize that the best wines come from the best vineyards. We honor that philosophy today as we meticulously choose top vineyard sites, carefully manage the vines and the yields, and use non-interventionist practices in both our vineyards and in winemaking.

Because we start with the best quality of fruit, Ruffino wines reveal themselves without coaxing or manipulation. This is the essence of our traditional approach to making wine. In their relentless pursuit of the highest quality, our winemakers also use modern cellar techniques.

Ruffino has always embraced tradition and history, as demonstrated by our championing of ancient grape varieties such as Colorino. Our classic wines such as Riserva Ducale have a style that has been the benchmark of Tuscany, Italy for many years—earthy, terroir-driven, high in acidity, and restrained.

We also embrace innovation and offer modern Tuscan wines such as Modus, which allow us to go beyond tradition and offer wine lovers a less expected more contemporary expression of Ruffino. We also craft contemporary white wines from other regions of Italy. All of our wines are made to accompany food perfectly, befitting the Italian lifestyle.


The secret to producing the best Tuscan wines means access to the best vineyards. With this philosophy in mind, Ruffino has a collection of estates in Tuscany‘s most important wine appellations.


Ruffino wines reveal themselves without coaking or manipulation. This is the essence of our traditional approach to making wine.


Meet our winemaker, Gabriele Tacconi, and our global ambassador, Beppe D‘Andrea.

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